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Meichi Yuri (百合 目一;Yuri Meichi) is the Chairwoman of Myōjō Academy and the overall main antagonist of the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. However, despite being the story's actual main antagonist herself she only makes a few appearances close to the story's ending. Instead of making a move by herself in person she's rather giving orders to Nio Hashiri who does try to fulfill these orders at all costs which make her appear to be the central antagonist for most of the plot instead.


She seems to be a very serious kind of woman character-wise yet also enjoys to toy with her targets/victims. Yuri also sees herself as superior to everyone else at the academy.


She has long red hair and pinkish eyes. She wears a black suit with a white collar shirt underneath.

Skills and Abilities[]

As part of Haru's clan, she likely possesses the Queen Bee power. It is implied that Yuri used her Queen Bee ability to save Nio.


Little is known about Yuri save that she participated and won her Black Class initiation flawlessly in only 6 days, being from the same clan as Haru. She is implied to have a very powerful Primer, which allowed her to do so. It is unclear when her class took place, and there are doubts about her age, as raised in the doujin. What is known is that she is affiliated with powerful people, like the Hanabusa Conglomerate. As the Clan's Queen, she leads their activities on a global scale across all areas of industry, business, education, etc. It is likely through these connections that she knows Kaiba and Mizorogi.

Meeting Nio[]

She was given Nio by Lord Kuzunoha to be a servant. Over time, she grooms Nio to be a "proper" person in mannerisms, thus earning Nio's devotion.

Class Black[]

Over the course of Class Black, Yuri primarily watches the progression from the shadows. She gives small bits of input now and then at how the class' young ladies please her and are interesting. Eventually, at the True Orientation, she shows herself and her true intentions to Haru and Tokaku. She then orders Nio to take Haru to the Clan's mausoleum, where Tokaku ultimately tries to assassinate the target.

After Haru is treated in the hospital, Tokaku tells Yuri that her wish is to have Haru. Yuri seems slightly surprised by this and says it is like a confession. It is unclear what happens after, but it is likely that she honors Tokaku's wish and allows Tokaku to live with Haru after they graduate.

Next Class Black[]

After the events of the main class, Yuri and Nio are seen hosting the next round of candidates, the 11th Class Black. According to the doujin, Fuyuka is in this class.

After Class Black[]

In chapter 8 of the doujin, it is revealed that Yuri leaves Myoujou with Nio as Haru ascends to become a queen. She states there is simply "no need for two queens" in the same hive. It is unclear where she goes after this,


  • Nio, Haru and Tokaku Azuma are the only students of the 10th year's Black Class who happened to meet Yuri in person.
    • If the other former students of this year's Black Class, except Sumireko Hanabusa, are aware of Yuri Meichi is left unmentioned.
  • Her character figure design resembles a possible older version of Isuke Inukai in shape.
  • In the manga it was revealed that she and Kaiba do know each other in person and it was hinted that both also seemed to have been close to each other at some point in their since Yuri called him "Kaiba-kun" as the two were having a conversation in Chapter 43.