Yuri Meichi
Kanji 目一 百合
Rōmaji Meichi Yuri
Occupation Chairwoman of Myōjō Academy
Attendance No. N/A
Gender Female
Age 39
Status Alive
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 10
Manga Chapter 28 (Cameo)

Chapter 36 (Full introduction)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Yoshiko Sakakibara
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Yuri Meichi (目一 百合; Meichi Yuri) is the Chairwoman of Myōjō Academy and the overall main antagonist of the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. However, despite being the story's actual main antagonist herself she only makes a few appearances close to the story's ending. Instead of making a move by herself in person she's rather giving orders to Nio Hashiri who does try to fulfill these orders at all costs which make her appear to be the central antagonist for most of the plot instead.

Personality Edit

She seems to be a very serious kind of woman character-wise yet also enjoys to toy with her targets/victims. Yuri also sees herself as superior to everyone else at the academy.

Appearance Edit

She has long red hair and pinkish eyes. She wears a black suit with a white collar shirt underneath.

Skills and Abilities Edit

As part of Haru's clan, she likely possesses the Queen Bee power. It is implied that Yuri used her Queen Bee ability to save Nio.

History Edit

According to Nio Hashiri, Yuri saved her when she was young and took care of her.

Trivia Edit

  • She and Haru belong to the same clan.
  • She had her own Class Black, it lasted 6 days.
  • Nio, Haru and Tokaku Azuma are the only students of the 10th year's Black Class who happened to meet Yuri in person.
    • If the other former students of this year's Black Class, except Sumireko Hanabusa, are aware of Yuri Meichi is left unmentioned.
  • Her character figure design resembles a possible older version of Isuke Inukai in shape.
  • In the manga it was revealed that she and Kaiba do know each other in person and it was hinted that both also seemed to have been close to each other at some point in their since Yuri called him "Kaiba-kun" as the two were having a conversation in Chapter 44.
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