Tokaku Azuma
Kanji 東 兎角
Rōmaji Azuma Tokaku
Occupation Student (former)

Assassin (former)

Attendance No. 1
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Ayaka Suwa
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Tokaku Azuma (東 兎角; Azuma Tokaku) is the primary main protagonist of the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. She is a former student of the 10th year's Black Class at Myōjō Academy, registered in a competition to try to kill Haru Ichinose, with the reward to be anything one could wish for.

However, when she was first told about her mission, Tokaku decided she did not want a reward and was going to protect Haru from the other 11 assassins.

During Isuke Inukai's attack on Haru, it is revealed that Tokaku has never killed anyone before, despite possessing very useful skills as an assassin.


She is a distant and cold girl, who dislikes when people comes too close to her and she especially hates it when people call her by her first name, with the exception of Haru. However, she eventually grows to care for Haru over time.


At first glance she looks more like an assassin who would kill anyone for anything. She is normally shown wearing a white short sleeved collar shirt with a plaid tie, a plaid skirt and tall light brown boots. Her hair and eyes are both blue.

Skills and Abilities

She is skilled with using knives, whether it's throwing or fighting with them. She also has exceptionally quick reflexes, agility and speed. In addition, she uses a more direct means of assassins, although she hasn't actually killed anyone yet. Her physically and special capabilities are above average, and has demonstrated an ability where she can know how an assassin smells or even locate the hidden room at the library, she was even able to locate all of Kōko Kaminaga's bombs which proves that she is well aware of her surroundings.


Her family is a well known family of assassins. They say that the east's Azuma and the west's Kuzunoha are two assassination clans that existed in the country since ancient times. The Kuzunoha was the main branch and the Azuma is a branch family. However, interactions between these two clans have almost died out.

When she was little, she lived with her grandmother and aunt where she was already practicing her skills by throwing stones to a dartboard. Her aunt tried to persuade Tokaku to leave her grandmother's house and come live in the city, although her grandmother did not agree and called Tokaku's aunt "the disgrace of the Azuma Clan".


  • Her given name Tokaku (兎角) means "rabbit's horn" while her last name Azuma (東) means "east".
    • Her given name can be a reference to "tonikaku", a adverb that means "anyway" or "in any case".
  • Her birthday is on 3th March.
  • Her favorite food is curry.
  • She is 160cm tall and has a breast size B even though it may not look like it according to Yun Kouga's comment in manga volume 1 .
  • She is the only known heir and the only known still living member of the Azuma Clan.
    • It was stated that Tokaku has no living relatives anymore, which suggests that her grandmother and aunt died at some point while taking care of her.
  • She has never seen her father's face as assumed that he died by unknown cause.
  • Her mother died shortly after she was born, Tokaku was raised by her grandmother and aunt instead.
    • Her given name Tokaku means Something that's impossible (This term may refer to the subject in a positive meaning but also can be intended with a negative meaning like Something that shouldn't even exist how she does interpret her given name by herself at the begin of the story), it was given to her by her grandmother right in the moment as she was born.
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