Suzu Shutou
Kanji 首藤 涼
Rōmaji Shutō Suzu
Occupation Student (former)

Assassin (former)

Attendance No. 7
Gender Female
Age 100+ years (appears 15)
Status Alive
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 2
Manga Chapter 4
Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Chika Anzai
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Suzu Shutō (首藤 涼; Shutō Suzu) is one of the main characters of the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. She's a former student of the 10th year's Black Class of Myojo Academy who was in a competition with the other students of that class who are trying to kill Haru Ichinose where the reward is anything what that assassin may want. And also was the second class representative after Kouko Kaminaga's left the class due to her assassination attempt failed.

As a reward, she wanted to age normally and eventually die because her body is affected by Highlander's syndrome, which prevents a person from physically aging. At the time of the series, there was no known treatment for this disorder, therefore even if she had successfully killed Haru, there was no guarantee that her wish would've been fulfilled.

In the final episode, she visits the grave of her dead loved one for the last time, saying she's going to stop looking at the past and accept her form of immortality.

Assassination Attempt

She was the sixth assassin to attempt an attack on Haru after sending out a warning letter.

When the Black Class was in Myojo Academy's pool facility, she placed a bomb with a timer around Haru's neck, which could only be opened with a 4-digit password that can be deciphered by finding four playing cards hidden within the facility. However, the password on the bomb could've only been wrong to a maximum of 2 times with a total of 3 tries. All this was her plan of making the assassination attempt into a fun game.

However, Tokaku wasted no time finding the the 4-digits needed in order to deactivate the bomb but one of the cards that had a digit on it was destroyed before she could see it, only leaving both Haru and her to guess the last digit that was needed in order to deactivate the bomb.

On the last attempt to deactivate the bomb, Tokaku eventually figured out what the last digit is but was stopped by Haru who claimed that she knew what the real number was, Tokaku agrees and entered the password whereupon Suzu surrenders because she lost the game, becoming the sixth student of the Black Class to be expelled.


Suzu is generally calm, affable and knowledgeable in many subjects. Her Highlander's Syndrome gives her different priorities than most people, as she seems to care more about entertainment than the actual success of her assassination attempt. Due to her syndrome, she was abandoned by a very close friend, making her resent it. Out of all the people in the Black Class, she was somewhat close to her roommate Kouko Kaminaga, feeling upset or even slightly saddened for the latter's expulsion.


She has light blue short hair and gold eyes. She wears a black headband on top of her head.

Suzu also has a shirt similar to Tokaku's but it is black and instead she wears a pink plaid tie. She wears a pink plaid skirt with it.

Skills and Abilities

Suzu's intelligence gives her prior knowledge about the other members of the Black Class, such as Otoya Takechi's status as a serial killer or Sumireko Hanabusa's affiliation with a conglomerate. Additionally, she has access to specialized explosives.


Suzu once had and cared for a very special person. He was one year younger than her and their birthdays were only one day apart. They used to laugh about how people don't stay the same age forever but as he grew older, she didn't because she was suffering from a body disorder, known as the Highlander's Syndrome, which prevented her body from aging. Eventually everyone, including that special person, became adults and eventually left her behind.


  • Her name Suzu (涼) means "refreshing" or "lonely". Her last name Shutō (首藤) means "first wisteria".
  • Her birthday is on July 14th.
  • The birthday of precious person she once had and her birthday is only one day apart from hers. Since she said that she'd age before he did every year, her birthday was earlier, therefore the birthday of that person was July 15th.
  • She attempted to assassinate Haru Ichinose the same day as her birthday.
  • When asked about her age, she claims to have forgotten. It was stated that Suzu was born around the Meiji Restoration era (1868 to 1912), therefore she is roughly over 100 years old. [1]
  • She was born in July, the 7th month of the year, her attendance number was 7, and she was expelled out of the school on the 7th episode.
  • After she is expelled, there is a red tulip placed on her desk, which symbolize "Declaration of Love".


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