Sumireko Hanabusa
Kanji 英 純恋子
Rōmaji Hanabusa Sumireko
Occupation Student (former)

Assassin (former)

Attendance No. 11
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 2
Manga Chapter 4
Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Miho Arakawa
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I survived all this without a worker bee. You and I are very different. I'm the real queen. I'm the strongest.

Sumireko Hanabusa (英 純恋子; Hanabusa Sumireko) is one of the main characters of the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. She is a former student of the 10th year's Black Class at Myojo Academy who was in a competition with the other students of that class who were trying to kill Haru Ichinose. The reward being anything the assassin may want. As a reward, Sumireko simply wanted to kill Haru and prove that she was the strongest Queen.

In the final chapter, it's shown that she is back in her mansion in good condition and employed Mahiru Banba as her maid.

Assassination Attempt

Sumireko was the ninth person to attempt an assassination attempt on Haru after sending out a warning letter. Her true intentions are not revealed at first, as she gives Haru a letter to a tea party at Myojo Academy's top floor. She arrives with Tokaku, who Sumireko seems to be annoyed, saying she was not invited. Sumireko leads them to a large dining hall, with a long table at which dolls of the previous assassins are seated, along with a live Otoya, who was captured earlier by Sumireko. All three girls proceed to take a seat. Sumireko and Haru proceed to make small talk while Tokaku sits by silently. Haru, not wanting to fight anymore, asks if she can grant Sumireko's wish, to which Sumireko replies yes. Her wish will be granted by defeating Haru and proving that she is the strongest Queen.

Sumireko begins her assualt by attacking Tokaku with the puppets, which are easily destroyed, but it only serves to distract Tokaku. Meanwhile, Sumireko has a plexiglass wall descend in order to seperate Tokaku and Haru, to make the latter an easier kill. Thinking fast, Tokaku lassoes a cord around Sumireko's legs, pulling her to Tokaku's side of the wall.

Tokaku proceeds to fight Sumireko, but is quickly overpowered and thrown into a wall. Sumireko attacks her quickly at close range. However, in an attempt to defend herself, Tokaku picks up a piece of the wall, which Sumireko punches. The impact causes parts of her skin to peel away, revealing metal beneath her skin. Sumireko begins to flex showing her true metal limbs. 

She then proceeds to chase Tokaku around the room, while Tokaku fights her off with a variety of weapons which are knocked away from her, including a knife which lands near Otoya. Freeing herself, she joins the fight against Sumireko, grabbing a kukri off the wall. Otoya's attack surprises Sumireko, but she is able to dodge. After several attempts, Otoya is finally able to stab her knife into Sumireko's arm, but is promptly punched into the wall. Tokaku, capitalizing on Sumireko's weakened and distracted state, kicks the knife in Sumireko's arm, driving it further in. Sumireko then kicks Tokaku into the wall, detaching her damaged arm to replace it with a machine gun attachment.

Tokaku is again driven into a corner by Sumireko's machine gun arm, but in a quick move grabs a revolver off the wall, shooting the overhead chandelier and dropping it onto Sumireko. She is knocked down, but easily picks up the chandelier and tosses it onto Tokaku. On the other side of the glass wall, Haru grabs a rocket launcher, blasts a hole into the door, and runs. Sumireko takes the bait and follows her out.

Haru pretends to take the elevator down, causing Sumireko to forcefully open the door and drop down through the elevator shaft, using her machine gun arm to shoot into the elevator itself. Haru carries back an armful of grenades, pulls the pins, and drops them into the elevator shaft, where they explode around Sumireko.

Sumireko has survived, however, by climbing out. She chases Haru to the roof of Myojo Academy, where Sumireko's limbs are shown to be damaged. Thinking she has Haru cornered, Sumeriko launches her razor sharp nails at Haru. The nails are attached to metal wires but they miss Haru and wrap around the railing of the academy's roof. With the wires wrapped around the railing, Haru tackles Sumireko, pulling both her and Haru over the roof's edge. With both of them hanging off the nail wires, Haru kicks at Sumireko's machine gun arm attachment repeatedly. Sumireko is summarily detached, falls through the academy's roof, and fails her assassination attempt, leading her to be the eigth person to be expelled from the Black Class.


She has long peach colored hair and icy blue eyes, which are similar to Tokaku's eyes. She usually wears a pink plaid dress with a collared white shirt under it. There is a black ribbon on tied under the collar. She also wears a white vest over it. She wears it with long black socks and white shoes.

In her cyborg form, all her robotic limbs can be seen. She seems to be wearing a open purple bra with a gold patter over it. She also wears purple underwear with a similar design.


She's considerably warmer to people than Tokaku is, but she's hinted to be one of the more dangerous members of the Black Class which was proven true later on in the series, when she revealed her true nature around Haru and Tokaku.

Skills and Abilities

Sumireko Hanabusa2

Sumireko's true form

Her overall assassination skills are quite higher than most of the other assassins in all areas thanks to her being a cyborg. Since she is a cyborg, she can somehow control multiple robotic puppets which she was able to use to attack Tokaku with, although it wasn't clear as to how she was able to do it. In addition, her robotic parts helps to defend her against bullets and a few other attacks, it also gives her incredible strength, jumping and running abilities, she also seemed to be well adapted at fighting in some form of martial arts, most likely Taekwondo as seen when she fought against Tokaku Azuma and attacked with kicks most of the times.

Her robotic arms also has some type of cat-like claws, which she can shoot out at will to either kill a person or hook onto a surface, allowing her to either pull herself towards it or pull the object it is attached to towards her. If any of her robotic limbs are destroyed or damaged, she can replace them with any nearby substitution, which can be any type of weapon, given that it was modified to be compatible with her body.


She is the daughter of a company CEO who runs the Hanabusa Financial Clique. The company has no direct blood relation to Haru's family. Due to the company's rapid growth after the Meiji Restoration, it gained many rivals. Because of that, ever since she was a child, her life has been targeted by many who have all tried to kill her, a story and situation that is quite similar to Haru Ichinose's past. However, despite that, she survived all the time but her body didn't come out unharmed because during an attack, she lost her all her limbs and she had no choice but undergo surgery by installing robotic parts in her body in order to survive. It took a little time to get used to but she gradually overcame it.


  • The reason her body ended up the way it is now is because she got involved in the struggle for power.
  • Sumireko claimed that Haru caused the most physical damage to her out of all the fights she ever had.
  • After she is expelled, there are Iceland poppies on her desk, which symbolize comfort.
  • The creator of Akuma no Riddle stated that she has a crush on her roommate, Mahiru Banba.
  • The kanji of her surname (英) is read as "Hanabusa" (meaning "the calyx of a flower") but it can also be read as "Hana" (meaning "flower").
  • Her assassination attempt (or to be straightforward, the episode 10 itself) has a lot of elements from the previous assassins and/or their episodes... Otoya came back herself, and the way she got free from Sumireko's binding is the same as Haru escaped from Otoya, Nio taking care of Otoya and how Otoya became scared of Nio's tattoo also in remembrance of that event in the episode. A Grenade is used by Haru to Sumireko (which may or may not be reference to Kouko in the Opening Sequence). How Sumireko defended herself from Tokaku's weapon, by crossing her arms, is similar to Haruki (She deflected Tokaku's bullet by her arm while Haruki blocked Tokaku's Knife by the iron gauntlet). Her intervening Otoya is also a reference of when Hitsugi poisoned Shiena. Sumireko gave a riddle to the protagonists like Suzu did. She invited Haru to a tea party, like Isuke did. And she tried to separate Tokaku from Haru, like Isuke and Banba did (though hers failed).
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