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Shiena Kenmochi (剣持 しえな; Kenmochi Shiena) is one of the main characters of the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. She is a former student at Myojo Academy, of the school's 10th year's Black Class, which was actually an assassins competition. Like the other students, she was trying to kill Haru Ichinose to have a wish granted. She wanted her reward to be decided by the members of a group she is in, called Collective Dismissal.


She wears a brown skirt, a beige and brown blazer and white collar shirt with a black plain tie. She also has red square framed glasses. Her hair goes past her shoulders, usually tied in two messy braided pigtails.


Shiena is portrayed as an average, normal girl, in comparison to some of the more extreme characters in the class of assassins. She gets unnerved hearing of Takechi's murders, though she often plays this down. She is a driven individual, showing a lot of fervor when directing the class play for the Venus Festival.

As she is enrolled in the class to kill someone, she has to repeatedly assert her position as an assassin, saying she can be "cold-blooded." This shows a deep wanting to belong, corroborated by her determination to do whatever necessary to keep her place with Collective Dismissal. She is defensive of the group, who she sees as her family and allies, saying they will hunt down even those who look down on them.

Despite her attempts to appear like a killer, she has normal emotions and a relatively stable moral compass. She develops feelings for Namatame and berates Kirigaya for having deceived everyone. In the manga, when delivering her advance notice, Shiena also displays deep reluctance, showing an aversion to killing, perhaps. Takechi remarks that Shiena is a girl with a pure heart, which is rare.



Back in middle school, Shiena was the target of intense bullying at school. It got so bad that she eventually stayed home. Depressed, she lamented why this had to happen to her, who did nothing wrong. During this time, she meets a friend named Yukarin online, who recommends her to Collective Dismissal, saying it is a group which will grant her vengeance. The caveat is that she will have to avenge someone else. It is implied that Shiena's bullies were dealt with.

In Koakuma no Riddle 5, it is revealed that the girl whom Shiena was supposed to avenge was killed by Takechi prior the events of Black Class.

Black Class

Shiena arrives at Myoujou Academy on the second day of class with Takechi, Shutou, and Kouko. Shortly after the orientation, Takechi breaks all Shiena's glasses, leaving her a bit helpless for the rest of the day. According to Koakuma no Riddle, she accidentally kissed Takechi when she tripped onto the other that morning.

She gets some backup lenses by the next day, just in time to see that Takechi had failed her attempt and was expelled.

Venus Festival

Shiena takes up the director spot for the class play, which is to be performed on the day of the festival. Even on just the first day, she is extremely enthusiastic and critical of the lax rehearsals. When Shutou comments on her vigor, she replies she is merely doing what she has to.


Shortly before the premiere of the class play, Shiena made plans to give in her advance notice to assassinate Haru. However, she is intercepted by Kirigaya backstage in the dressing rooms. Shiena says Kirigaya deceived Chitaru, who was different than the two of them. Kirigaya merely states that Shiena is weak and that her feelings are genuine, before shooting Shiena with a poisoned dart. Incapacitated, Shiena is unable to continue participating in the Black Class and is expelled.

After Black Class

Shiena is hospitalized after being shot. In the doujin, it is revealed that Kirigaya visits her to taunt her on her weakness. Takechi also visits her. It is implied that Shiena lost her place in Collective Dismissal following her expulsion from Black Class. Seeing Shiena depressed over her failure, Takechi tells her not to give up. Shiena eventually decides that she cannot let Takechi get the better of her and quickly looks for her glasses.

In the final episode, she is seen at a manga internet cafe. She is hacking into Myojo Academy's network in an effort to expose their secrets.

Manga-Anime Differences

Shiena has a lot more focus in the manga.

Skills and Abilities

Shiena is skilled at analysis [1], as seen when she is able to gather information about Hitsugi and Chitaru by simply watching them during rehearsals for the class play. She is also a skilled hacker as seen in the final episode where she successfully hacks into Myojo Academy's system.

In the 13th episode of the anime, she is shown to have some decent marksman skills with a slingshot, even without her glasses. She is able to still attend lecture without her glasses on the day Takechi broke all her spares.


  • Her name Shiena (しえな) is written in hiragana, but can be written as "詩絵菜" meaning "poetry" (詩), "picture" (絵) and "vegetables" (菜).
  • Her last name Kenmochi (剣持) is written with the kanji sword (剣, ken) and possession (持, ji).
  • She is the only assassin to fail an attempted assassination without even starting it.
    • Of all 13 Black CLass students of the Akuma no Riddle-cast she is the one with the least appearances (in both, manga and anime) thus making her role only having a small part and low importance in the overall story despite supposedly being a main character.
  • A thistle flower was placed on her desk after her expulsion. In the Japanese language of flowers, thistles are symbolic of revenge.
  • She was the only assassin to not have her own ending theme after the episode of her departure.
  • Her hobby is theater.
  • Her favorite food is potato chips and her least favorite food are veggies.
  • She’s born in Chiba (Makuhari).
  • She sleeps an average of 7 hours.