Nio Kuzunoha / Nio Hashiri
Nio Hashiri
Kanji 葛葉 鳰 (Real name)

走り 鳰 (Fake name)

Rōmaji Kuzunoha Nio (Real name)

Hashiri Nio (Fake name)

Occupation Student


Attendance No. 10
Gender Female
Age 15
Status Alive
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Yoshino Nanjou
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Nio Kuzunoha (葛葉 鳰; Kuzunoha Nio) most commonly known by her alias Nio Hashiri (走り 鳰; Hashiri Nio) throughout the series is the secondary antagonist of the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle and was a former student of Myōjō Academy's 10th year's Black Class who was in participating with the other students of that class who were trying to kill Haru Ichinose where the reward is anything what that assassin may want.

She was also the one who vaguely warned everyone of Haru's hidden nature. In addition she was responsible for explaining the rules of the competition that involving Haru to the group of assassins, in which whoever kills Haru first will get any reward that they want. Despite being a part of the Black Class, she is also affiliated with the academy in some way. Although, she says that she's just a judge.

In the final chapter a scene is shown in one panel where Nio's introducing herself towards Myōjō Academy's 11th year's Black Class' students and informing them about their task and rules of the Black Class.

Assassination Attempt

She is the tenth assassin to attempt an attack to kill Haru. As Tokaku was about to kill Haru, Nio disguised herself as Tokaku, then pretended to save Haru. The real Tokaku threw a knife at her, but missed, as Nio is shorter than Tokaku. Nio was exposed as the fake, as they fought, then leapt up to try to kill Haru herself, but was stopped when Tokaku stabbed her in the ribcage.


Nio's a girl with a twisted and wicked personality. At first glance, Nio appears to be a very cheerful and friendly girl with a gleeful disposition. However, her true self is quite more cruel and sadistic, and she feels pleasured by making the other assassin suffer after herself or seeing them suffering. She is very manipulative, and can sway others to help her, only to betray them later on. However, she is capable of sharing genuine kindness to certain individuals.



Nio's character design

Nio has short blond hair and has big reddish-orange eyes. She is always seen wearing a school uniform just like all the other students outside of the Black Class. Her uniform consists of a black short sleeve blazer with yellow lining and she wears a white long sleeve button up shirt under her blazer with a red short skirt and a big red bow. She also wears high-thigh black socks and black shoes. Hidden under all of her clothing, she has bird-like tattoos that cover most of her body.

Skills and Abilities

It is later reavealed she is part of the Kuzunoha clan of the west, which is a lineage of shamanism. According to Tokaku, in practice, this is close to hypnotism and suggestions as members of this clan can take mental control of their target, steal their correct perceptions, and chase them to death, or make them kill others. Nio's tattoos let her hypnotise her enemy and look into their hearts.

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Nio Tattoos


She has absolutely no relatives, but she succeeded the Kuzunohas of the West as shamans picked her up. When she met Yuri Meichi, she adored her and vowed to give her her whole life and changed her name to Hashiri.

Nio's name

In the manga it was revealed that Nio, as she first met with Yuri Meichi in her past, had no first name or at least couldn't remember but stating that some people addressed her by the name "Chibi". Yuri took care of the Kuzunoha-clan heiress and also took over duties to educate Nio and teached her about manners. It was also Yuri who gave her the name "Nio". Thus her actual name would have been "Nio Kuzunoha" however, as Nio was ordered to take over the role as judge of the 10th year's Black Class and Yuri told that the Azuma-clan heiress, Tokaku, would also be a classmate she decided to change her last name from "Kuzunoha" to "Hashiri" as an alias to hide her true bloodline relation from Tokaku.

  • Nio chose the name "Hashiri" (走り, lit. "Fast", "Always in a hurry") as her fake last name due to its meaning since it would match with her role as being Yuri's righthand who does alwas hurry to fulfill given orders


  • "Nio" is an old name for the grebes that lived in Lake Biwa.
  • Her last name Kuzunoha means "leaf of kudzu".
    • Kuzunoha is also the name of a popular kitsune character in Japanese folklore. Kitsunes are known as deceptive beings, and may be a reference to Nio's talent.
  • She is 152cm tall.
  • Her blood type is AB.
  • Her favorite food is melon pan.
  • She dislikes all types of vegetables.
  • She is the heir of the Kuzunoha clan .
  • Nio needs an average of 2 hours of sleep.
  • She's born in Shiga (Otsu).
  • From her, we know that Melon bun and Red Bean Bun are considered a delicacy of Myoujo Academy.
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