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Myōjō Academy is a major academic campus. It teaches from elementary school to university level education. Their first year classes are color coded in red, white, blue, yellow, and green. The Black Class normally does not exist, but it is usually kept a secret and only opens in specific circumstances. The Black Class is opened for enrollment at an interval determined when a Queen Bee candidate reaches the age of 15. Students outside the Black Class are not allowed to make contact with students within the special class.

Its chairwoman of the academy is Yuri Meichi, who is rarely seen outside her office. Under her is an unnamed principal.

Deep under the academy, there is a large cemetery to honor all of the people who died for the clan. There are no bodies or bones located in the cemetery, just the names of the dead. The location of Myōjō Academy was originally a place for burial; the school was built later to console the souls of the dead with the voices of children living on into the future.

Myōjō features an event known as the Venus Festival. It happens roughly after midterms and even the Black Class participates.