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Mako Azuma (東 まこ; Azuma Mako ) is an additional character in the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. She was the aunt of Tokaku Azuma as well as the younger twin sister of Sorami Azuma. She was entrusted by her sister to take care of Tokaku when she died.




She wanted Tokaku to leave the Azuma clan together with her and start a new life in the city where killing was irrelevant. Unfortunately, her mother obligated Tokaku to stay and carry on as the heir of Azuma clan. Later on, while they were trying to escape, they were caught by her mother and Mako was killed in front of the young Tokaku Azuma while being called The disgrace of the Azuma.

Manga-Anime Differences


  • She left and ran away from the Azuma clan but seemed to have came back when her older sister was giving birth.