Karami Azuma
Kanji 東 空身
Rōmaji Azuma Karami
Occupation Assassin (until her death)
Attendance No. N/A
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 9
Manga Chapter 35
Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Toa Yukinari
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Karami Azuma (東 空身; Azuma Karami) is an additional character in the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. She is the mother of Tokaku Azuma as well as the older twin sister of Mako Azuma. She was supposed to be the successor of the Azuma Clan but due to Tokaku's birth, her mental state was altered too and she began to oppose her mother (who chose Tokaku as the succesor) which resulted in her being rejected as the heir of the Azume clan. Her dying wish was that Mako, the younger sister to take over.

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