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Kaiba (カイバ; Kaiba) or most commonly referred to as Kaiba-sensei (カイバ先生; Kaiba-sensei; lit. Professor Kaiba ) by his students is an additional character in the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. He is a teacher at the Private Academy 17. He was the one who sent Tokaku Azuma to the 10th year's Black Class at Myōjō Academy and the one who sends her weird riddles to her phone which are supposed to help out Tokaku throughout situations she's to deal with during her time at the Myōjō Academy.


He is a quite self-confident man who is fully convinced of his own sayings. Even tho usually mocking Tokaku for several things Kaiba still helps her out here and there by sending her riddle which Tokaku has to decode. The answers of Kaiba's weird appearing riddles offer several solutions which help her out to deal with struggle and problems when facing the other assassins of the 10th year#s Black Class. This implies that Kaiba seem to enjoy lecturing his students by giving them obvious answers but they're hidden behind weird riddles. He seems to feel amused by seeing his students trying to solve his riddles and mocks them if they find the right answer in short time.


He wears a whole white suit, with an inner red shirt that has a black tie. He also wears a pair of black shades.

Skills and Abilities

Nothing is known of his physical capabilities save that his hands are extremely dexterous as they are shown playing with dice. Through his interactions with Tokaku and his students, he is assumedly skilled at getting under one's skin and coming up with confounding and thought-provoking content.


Kaiba is an enigmatic figure with an unrevealed history. According to the anime, he is a noncombat instructor who teaches psychology at the assassin's private academy where Tokaku is shown training in the first episode. He also claims Mizorogi is his junior, hinting at an association with him.


  • In the manga it was revealed that he and Yuri Meichi do know each other in person and it was hinted that both also seemed to have been close to each other at some point in their since Yuri called him "Kaiba-kun" as the two were having a conversation in Chapter 44.