Kanji イリーナ
Rōmaji Irina
Occupation Teacher (until her death)
Attendance No. N/A
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 4 (flashback)
Manga  ?
Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Yuu Asakawa
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Irina (イリーナ; Irina) or most commonly referred to as Irina-sensei (イリーナ先生; Irina-sensei; lit. Professor Irina) by Kouko Kaminaga during her flashback scenes. She is an additional character in the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. She was also the teacher who trained Kouko Kaminaga to become an assassin from childhood at NPO.

Apparently, Kouko Kaminaga had went on a mission to kill an unknown target by wiring bombs to their car; Irina said that the target would be arriving shortly after she had wired the car and that Kouko had better go hide. However, after Kouko had gone and hid herself, Irina opened the door of the car, causing her death.

Assassination Attempt

She attempted to kill herself by purposely falling victim to one of Kouko Kaminaga's traps, which succeeded and killed her.


She seemed to be a very kind and generous person who cared a lot for her students even though she was training them to become assassins.


She has long brown hair and green eyes and a tan complexion.

Skills and Abilities

Since she was a teacher who was training kids to become killers, it is suggested that her skills and abilities were great.


She was Kouko Kaminaga's assassin teacher but committed suicide later on tho Kouko still believed to today that she killed her by accident.


  • She was a teacher at the orphan protection and development home, which was actually an international assassin management training facility.
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