Haru Ichinose
Haru Ichinose
Kanji 一ノ瀬 晴
Rōmaji Ichinose Haru
Occupation Student (former)
Attendance No. 13
Gender Female
Age 15
Status Alive
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Hisako Kanemoto
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Haru Ichinose (一ノ瀬 晴; Ichinose Haru) is the deuteragonist of the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. She is a former student of Myōjō Academy's 10th year's Black Class who served as the this year's Black Class' target for the 12 other assassins. However, after Tokaku Azuma joined sides with Haru it's 11 assassins versus one target and one guardian.

Nio Hashiri tells Haruki Sagae that Haru has a history of killing, despite being the target and her happy personality. Haru has supposedly killed off her family. Nio also tells the entire group that killing Haru will be difficult because she will use whatever means necessary to survive.

In the final episode, it is shown Haru had survived her stab wound from earlier on in the episode because her rib was made of titanium and the edge of the knife stayed from her heart by a small fraction. She is the sole graduate of the Black Class and after the graduation ceremony, she meets up with Tokaku to deliver everyone's diplomas.


For the start of plot, Haru is shown wearing a white shirt with flappy collars under a light brown-yellow sleeveless vest and a black pleated skirt with black footwear. Accompanied by a petite, thin figure, she has messy dark salmon coloured hair which are black underneath and sparkling rose red eyes.

Apart from her usual outfit, she is shown to wear fluffy, light coloured clothes as her night dress. Though the frame and texture of her skin is tried to be camouflaged by her, she is revealed anyhow to have cuts and scars all over her body.

According to all encounters that were sexually abusive to her, it is revealed that she wears white panties and bra. On the day of Shutou's birthday, when she was taken to the swimming arena, she wore a simple pink and black swimsuit that covered her body modestly. In the OVA, she is seen wearing the same swimsuit.


Haru is shown to be a bright and cheerful girl of Black Class. As claimed by Tokaku Azuma, she poses a naive character and trusts anyone without a single thought.

She is shown to have a highly optimistic attitude, which is sometimes bothersome for Tokaku since she is not used to friendliness. All in all, her rival classmates appreciate her gullible nature; deeming her as an easy target.

However, Her true power was underestimated by others especially when she fights Otoya Takechi very efficiently.

Apart from these attributes, she is very forgiving and doesn't mind anyone for bearing any kind of grudge towards her as seen when she still talks in a caring and friendly manner towards every other girl who loses their purpose after chasing her with killing intents.


Haru attends the black class, trying to flag off a friendly start by giving everyone handmade charms. Although she is very friendly, everyone in the class looks down upon her. Haru simply wishes to graduate and be freed from the world of assassins.

She somehow befriends Tokaku Azuma (Haru's roommate) who helps her survive all the assassination attempts. However, when Haru's queen bee's power is revealed, Tokaku gets mad and refuses to accept herself as a "worker bee", deciding that she too will kill Haru.

Haru was mourning her family's death when Tokaku tells her she will be attempting her death. Nio, dressed as Tokaku, claims that she will protect Haru, and prevents Tokaku from hurting her. When Nio finally faces Tokaku, she is stabbed in the chest and Haru is left alone to face Tokaku. She was quivering because she didn't want to kill a friend, but out of her wish to live, she charges at Tokaku with a knife and loses instantly, getting stabbed in her chest due to lack of professional skills as good as Tokaku's.

Tokaku mourns her death as the ambulance carries her body away. But it is later shown that she survives the attack due into her rib being made of titanium and the knife staying away form her heart by a single inch. Haru graduates alone, and promises her teacher that she will distribute off the other graduation certificates as well.


Haru has had a terrible past, with her parents and siblings being killed in front of her eyes while protecting her. As claimed by Yuri, Haru was deemed to possess the queen bee power and hence, was targeted. Haru's mother had held her while protecting, and her bloody hands slipped off Haru after she died, leaving her alone in nothing but shock and despair as she cried out loud. This incident was probably the reason Haru decided she wanted to live.

Haru is shown to celebrate her birthday in a flashback in the last episode. According to the scene, Haru had celebrated her birthday in a dark room, probably for a candle-light party along with her parents and two brothers. They were all happy for her, and wished she lived happily always. They had bought Haru a white cake.

Skills and Abilities

Like the other women of her clan, Haru possesses the "Queen Bee" power of manipulating others to protect her and let her live the position of highest hierarchy; making others be simply a "worker bee". Haru inhibits and implies this power without being aware of it. Using it unconsciously, she had manipulated Tokaku Azuma to protect her in the black class.

As she claims to Isuke on her first assassination attempt, she has an immunity to drugs and poisons, and the effect of the laxatives is compartively very mild on her body and mind.

Haru also has good fighting skills but tends to use the on their bare minimum, as shown in her fight Otoya Takechi and Sumireko Hanabusa.


  • The name Haru means () "clear weather".
  • Haru's surname Ichinose means "one" () (ichi) and "swift current, rapids" () (se), which literally means "one in the rapids" put together.
  • Haru is 159cm tall and her breast size is C.
  • Haru's birthday is on January 1st.
  • The names of her family members are:
    • Kazuaki Ichinose (Father)
    • Hinata Ichinose (Mother)
    • Natsuo Ichinose (Older Brother)
    • Wataru Ichinose (Younger Brother)
  • Haru and Yuri Meichi belong to the same clan (Any further explicit relationship family-wise between them two is left unclear).
  • Haru's favorite meal is omelet rice.
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