Grandmother Azuma
Kanji N/A
Rōmaji N/A
Occupation Unknown
Attendance No. N/A
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 5
Manga Chapter 20
Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Yoshiko Okamoto
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Grandmother Azuma is the mother Mako Azuma and Karami Azuma as well as Tokaku Azuma's grandmother. Her first name wasn't mentioned throughout the plot of Akuma no riddle.


While Mako Azuma and Tokaku Azuma were trying to escape, she caught them escaping and killed Mako in front of Tokaku because Tokaku was to remain in the clan as the heir of the Azuma.


  • She was the one who named Tokaku Azuma.
  • She killed her youngest daughter Mako.
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