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What Can Never Be Caught Up To?
Episode 7
Japanese Title 永遠に追い越せないものは?
Romaji Title Eien ni Oikosenai mono wa?
English Title What Can Never Be Caught Up To?
Airdate May 15, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Soushou Innocence by Maaya Uchida
Ending Suzukaze by Chika Anzai as Suzu Shutō
Previous Episode Episode 6
Next Episode Episode 8

What Can Never Be Caught Up To? (永遠に追い越せないものは?; Eien ni Oikosenai mono wa??) is the seventh episode of the Akuma no Riddle anime series and was released on May 15, 2014.


As the Black Class prepares to go to the school's pool, Suzu Shutō straps a bomb around Haru Ichinose's neck, set to explode at midnight. In order to disable it, Tokaku Azuma is tasked with finding four cards that make up a 4-digit password required to unlock the bomb, which she is only allowed three tries.

Tokaku finds the first card, a seven of diamonds, inside a watermelon, but loses her first password attempt whilst testing out a theory that the other digits are sevens taken out of the deck they came from. Tokaku finds the second card, a joker for zero, on a searchlight, and finds the third hidden in the deck itself.

Meanwhile, after Ataru shows up to congratulate Suzu on her birthday, Suzu explains to the others that she has a condition that prevents her body from aging, which led to a man she admired coming to outage and leave her, and her wish is to be able to age normally and eventually die.

With less than fifteen minutes, Tokaku rides in the flume in search for the fourth card, but becomes trapped inside a cage which sinks to the bottom, giving the choice of either saving Haru or herself. Haru chooses to save Tokaku, by giving her CPR in the form of a kiss, which awakes Tokaku, who then witnesses Haru saving her, leaving them with only three digits to guess the password from. Tokaku presumes from Mizorogi-sensei's announcement that the password is likely to be Suzu's birthday, whilst Haru deduces that the actual date is that of the man she admired, managing to disarm the bomb at the last second. Accepting her loss, Suzu takes her leave from the Black Class.