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Beautiful Flowers Have Their ___
Episode 6
Japanese Title 綺麗な花には□□がある
Romaji Title Kirei na Hana ni wa □□ ga aru
English Title Beautiful Flowers Have Their ___
Airdate May 8, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Soushou Innocence by Maaya Uchida
Ending Poison Me by Mami Uchida & Sachika Misawa as Hitsugi Kirigaya & Chitaru Namatame
Previous Episode Episode 5
Next Episode Episode 7

Beautiful Flowers Have Their ___ (綺麗な花には□□がある; Kirei na Hana ni wa □□ ga aru) is the sixth episode of the Akuma no Riddle anime series and was released on May 8, 2014.


As the culture festival begins, Chitaru Namatame mentions to Hitsugi Kirigaya about how she is searching for a killer known as "Angel Trumpet" who specializes in poison, to which Hitsugi offers to help her out.

Later that night, Hitsugi comes across Shiena Kenmochi, who was planning to deliver a warning to Haru Ichinose, and sprays her with poison before delivering her own warning to Haru when she and Tokaku Azuma comes across the scene.

The next day, as Shiena is transferred out of the Black Class due to her hospitalization, the play gets underway, with Tokaku and Haru discovering many of the prop swords have been covered in poison. Spotting this, Chitaru suspects that Haru is Angel Trumpet, the one who killed her teacher's daughter, and faces against Tokaku in an off-stage sword fight.

During the battle, Hitsugi comes forward and confesses that she herself is Angel Trumpet. Returning to the play, Hitsugi allows herself to be stabbed by Chitaru, who then learns from Nio that her wish was to leave with her once everything was over. Feeling remorse, Chitaru drinks the remainder of Hitsugi's poison, dying alongside her whilst the audience remain unaware.