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Therefore, the World is Full of ____
Episode 12
Japanese Title ゆえに世界は□□に満ちている
Romaji Title Yueni Sekai wa □□ ni Michiteiru
English Title Therefore, the World is Full of ____
Airdate June 19, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Soushou Innocence by Maaya Uchida
Ending Queen by 10th Year's Class Black
Previous Episode Episode 11
Next Episode Special OVA

Therefore, the World is Full of ____ (ゆえに世界は□□に満ちている; Yueni Sekai wa □□ ni Michiteiru) is the twelfth and final episode of the Akuma no Riddle anime series and was released on June 19, 2014.


As Tokaku Azuma begins her attack, Haru Ichinose is suddenly dragged off by another Tokaku, who claims the other Tokaku is actually Nio Hashiri using hypnotic suggestions to take on her appearance.

The two Tokakus soon battle against each other with the real Tokaku managing to overcome her fake and stab her. Haru then charges against Tokaku to test whether Tokaku was acting of her own will when she helped Haru survive against the other assassins throughout the school year (as opposed to being influenced by Haru's "Queen Bee ability"), but Haru ends up being stabbed herself, confirming that Tokaku had helped Haru survive of her own will. However, Tokaku is devastated, feeling that the one wish she has can no longer be granted if Haru is dead. During all that time the happenings were being observed by the Myōjō Academy's chairwoman Yuri Meichi-sensei.

As the end of the school year comes, it is revealed that both Haru and Nio had survived their attacks, with Haru becoming the sole graduate of the 10th year's Black Class. With all the other assassins returning to their regular lives, Tokaku sends on last reply to Kaiba before joining Haru in delivering everyone's diplomas.

After the credits, Kaiba receives a text message and smiles, though the content is not revealed.