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Who Is The Queen?
Episode 10
Japanese Title 女王はだれ?
Romaji Title Jo-ō wa Dare?
English Title Who Is The Queen?
Airdate June 5, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Soushou Innocence by Maaya Uchida
Ending Inochi no Karakuri by Miho Arakawa as Sumireko Hanabusa
Previous Episode Episode 9
Next Episode Episode 11
Otoya damsel

Otoya straight jacket and gagged

Who Is The Queen? (女王はだれ?; Jo-ō wa Dare?) is the tenth episode of the Akuma no Riddle anime series and was released on June 5, 2014.


With only Tokaku Azuma, Haru Ichinose, Nio Hashiri, and Sumireko Hanabusa remaining in the 10th year's Black Class, Sumireko gives Haru an invitation to a tea party, claiming it not to be an advance notice.

Meanwhile, Otoya Takechi breaks out of prison and sneaks into the dorms to try and target Haru again, but is stopped by Sumireko, who crushes Otoya's scissors like they were nothing.

Later that night, Haru and Tokaku arrive at the tea party, where they discover robotic puppets of all the other classmates, as well as the restrained Otoya bound and gagged. After explaining how she wants to prove she is a stronger "Queen" than Haru, Sumireko delivers her notice and has her puppets attack Tokaku, giving her a selection of guns to fight against. After being prevented from separating herself from the others to target Haru, Sumireko reveals she has powerful robotic limbs and launches a fierce attack against Haru.

In the ensuing battle, Otoya breaks free and manages to disable one of Sumireko's arms, only for her to replace it with another weapon, with Otoya once again captured by Nio.

As Tokaku becomes cornered, Haru lures Sumireko away from her and uses her robotic limbs to her own advantage, knocking her off the side of a building. After receiving another text from Kaiba asking "Who is the queen?", Tokaku asks Haru what Sumireko meant by her words, but Haru simply says it is not the time to tell her yet.