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Eisuke Inukai (犬飼 英介; Inukai Eisuke) is a minor character in the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. He is the adoptive parent of Isuke Inukai, having rescued her from dying of neglect. He is portrayed to be in a same-sex relationship with an unnamed lover, who is Isuke's "Papa." Eisuke is shown to be an assassin as well, and he chose Isuke to become his successor. While he is an assassin, his lover is a normal man, who is ignorant of his and Isuke's activities.


Sometime in the past, Isuke Inukai's parents neglected her and her brother to the point that the brother died. Isuke would have died as well, had Eisuke not intervened and killed her parents. Afterward, he introduced himself to the sickly girl and gave a name to her on the spot, claiming that she will be his new daughter and kissing her hands. He then wanted her to help and succeed him as a hitman, telling her about his job of killing.


From the few instances Eisuke appears in the manga and anime, he is shown to be an efficient killer, being able to down a person in less than three shots. He does seem to genuinely love Isuke, telling her he also feels lonely while she is staying at Myojo.


  • Isuke calls him Mama.
  • Eisuke's Japanese va, Junichi Suwabe, also portrayed male Isuke in the screenplay Akuma no Riddle Escape 6.