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Chitaru Namatame (生田目 千足 Namatame Chitaru) is one of the main characters of the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. She is a former student of Myojo Academy's Black Class, a competition in which the class members had to kill Haru Ichinose. The reward is a wish which can be anything. However, Chitaru joined without intention of pursuing this, instead focused on finding the assassin Angel's Trumpet. She and Hitsugi Kirigaya were in a romantic relationship throughout the series. They both end up expelled from the class on the same day.


Chitaru has short red hair, swept back from her face, and red eyes. She has fair skin and is one of the tallest students in the Black Class. Her cup size is the second largest, smaller than only Isuke's. They have been noted to loosen the buttons of her shirt.

She wears a black coat with yellow outer lining with a white collar shirt. This is her uniform from Fukutsuchi. The design is meant to be princely, and she often appears older.


Chitaru has a kind and caring demeanor. She is easily disturbed by the fact that seeming innocents like Haru and Kirigaya are in a class as violent as theirs. She also is willing to accompany Kirigaya, going as far as holding her hand the whole time, so the other doesn't get lost on the way to school. She is forward in her attitude and has a candid streak, declaring early on that she has no intention of touching Haru and admitting her own weaknesses when acting in the school play. Kirigaya mentions that Chitaru was the sort of person that everyone would like, which makes it harder for someone like her to approach.

Throughout the series and the doujinshi, she is shown to have a strong sense of justice. This ultimately becomes warped when she dirties her hands trying to avenge her master's daughter. As a result, she spends a lot of time after the Black Class tortured by her conscience as well as her relationship with a killer like Kirigaya.



Chitaru's family situation is unknown and absent. At some point, she met her master's daughter, who was eventually killed by Angel's Trumpet. Chitaru is seen running to her funeral in chapter 13 of Koakuma no Riddle. After that event, she decides to find the killer herself, without her master having asked.

Prior to attending Myojo, Kaiba reports that she attended Fukutsuchi Academy.

Black Class

Within Black Class, Chitaru shows up on the second day. She gets along fairly well with everyone, including Tokaku. However, she is almost always accompanied by Kirigaya. When the Venus Festival rolls around, she is chosen to be Romeo in the class play, as directed by Shiena.

As she had no intention of participating in Haru's assassination, she never uses the advance notices from class to make a formal assassination attempt. During the school's Venus Festival, she discovers Angel Trumpet to be Kirigaya all along. However, as she has fallen in love with her, she can no longer simply kill her. She, along with Hitsugi Kirigaya, become the fifth and sixth students to be expelled from Black Class after their apparent double suicide.

After Black Class

Chitaru and Kirigaya are revealed to be alive still at the end of the series. Kirigaya had given her an antidote shortly after the play ended, and Haru called an ambulance. However, the poison's effects still seem to have had a strong effect, as Chitaru was bedridden for a while after the events of Black Class. While she is recuperating, Kirigaya stays with her and the two seem to have a rough time dealing with their relationship's complications. Ultimately, Chitaru decides to move together with Kirigaya and live with her.

Manga-Anime Differences

In the manga, Chitaru never attempts to assassinate Haru, having found out through her own devices Angel's Trumpet's true identity. However, in the anime, she is temporarily under the impression that Haru might be Angel's Trumpet, and so chases her off the stage during the play.

In the manga, Chitaru is offered two knives by Kirigaya, labeled "love" and "justice." She uses the blade of justice to stab the other. In the anime, this choice is absent. Chitaru merely goes up to the stage and improvs a little before stabbing Kirigaya. Then, after Nio reveals that Kirigaya desired only her heart, she drinks the poison of Angel's Trumpet and collapses.

Skills and Abilities

Chitaru's primary weapon of choice is a sword. In the manga, she is not shown fighting seriously at all. In the anime, her swordplay is able to stand on par with Tokaku's knife skills. Like Tokaku, she exercises in the morning. Her acting skills are noted to be good and improved upon towards the date of the Venus Festival. Chitaru's test grades during examinations were also within the top four in the class.


  • The name Chitaru means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "leg" (足) (taru).
  • Chitaru's surname Namatame means "life, living" (生) (nama), "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta) and "eye" (目) (me).
  • After Chitaru is expelled, red roses are placed on her desk, which symbolize Love.
  • Her hobby is going to museums.
  • Her favorite food is strawberry and her least favorite food is sea cucumber.
  • She’s born in Tokyo (Mejiro).
  • She sleeps an average of 7 hours.