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Sinister Intentions
Chapter 002
Vital statistics
Author Yun Kouga
Illustrator Sunao Minakata
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Published by Newtype magazine
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"Sinister Intentions" is the 2nd Chapter of the manga series Akuma no Riddle and appears as the third listed chapter in the first manga volume.

It is night time and Haru Ichinose and Tokaku Azuma are getting confronted with Shin'ya Banba, the second personality of Mahiru Banba which only appears during the night. As Tokaku told her she isn't amused to meet with Shin'ya does ask about it again but Tokaku only answers with another "no". Shin'ya is looking with a cold, threatening stare at the other two and raised up her right hand in chest level, trying to form a ring out with her index finger and thumb, Haru and Tokaku watch Shin'ya's gesture but only feel confused about it. Shin'ya than starts to grin again telling that's okay if she'd not wanted however, also telling she only wanted to introduce herself towards the two classmates of Mahiru, that was all Shin'ya wanted at this moment and with a brighter grin she turned herself away, telling them goodbye. She then pointed her right hand at Tokaku, opened the ringe formed by index finger and thumb and flicked Tokaku on her left shoulder before taking her final leave for now. Haru and Tokaku react confused about this ending but then Haru changes topic, cheering for Tokaku that she was given the role to check up on if everybody from Black Class arrived at their chambers, calling it a great duty to have. Tokaku however, claims that she'll only temporary take over this duty until they'll make a final decision when all 13 class members will assemble. In thoughts Tokaku asks herself why Haru would think of this duty as being great. Haru then keeps cheering, offering her help to Tokaku to what he replies with a question about why Haru would willingly wish to help her. She then replies to Tokaku that they're roommates and sees this as reason enough to help Tokaku out on this matter. Tokaku then asks if Haru even know how it's like to have a roommate which Haru states with a "yes", adding that she had many roommates already, this only confuses Tokaku since Haru did claim earlier that this would be her first time at a boarding school and tells herself that she isn't understanding anything about Haru and her attitude.

Haru is all excited and drags Tokaku to the first chamber on the list, which is their own chamber. However, just as Haru wanted to start off in an a excited mood she accidentally bumped into Hitsugi Kirigaya on the hallway. Hitsugi, who resembles the look of an elementary school student, drops down from the impact, her school bag drops too and her items get spreaded over the floor. Haru instantly apologizes and asks if she's okay. As Tokaku sees Hitsugi she only comments that she's quite small in size and questions what an elementary school student would be doing in the Myōjō Academy. Hitsugi reacts with a pout to this and wants to tell them two about who she is but there another girl steps into the scene telling that she asked Hitsugi about the same thing ca. an hour before the current happenings and states that Hitsugi is indeed a member of the 10th year's Black Class too just like the other students in the scene. Tokaku does simply accept this explanation and Haru greets Hitsugi with a friendly, joyfull attitude, telling her that she'S quite happy to meet other classmates while the other girl states that things don't always are as they may seem to be at first and reveals herself as 9th of the class list of the Black Class, "Chitaru Namatame". She also stated that had just now has filled out all the papers for her transfer to the Black Class. Then Hitsugi smiles at Haru and Tokaku, introducing herself as 4th on the class list, "Hitsugi Kirigaya", also saying that she's pleased to meet them. While Tokaku says nothing else, Haru takes over the introducing part for the two and reveal herself as 13th on the list "Haru Ichinose", and the other girl as 1st on the list "Tokaku Azuma" and that the two were about to check up on if every student has arrived at their chambers. Tokaku strolls through her list and verifies that Kirigaya and Namatame have arrived, she also asks if the two know each other for a longer time ans looks at the two who were holding hands but both stated that they just happened to meet for the first time ever on this day. Haru reacts a bit awkward as she sees Hitsugi and Chitar holding hands, Tokaku is rather wondering why the two are holding hands like they were a couple though they just have meet. IN this moment Haru reacts more embarrassed, trying to tell Tokaku this was a rude question to which Tokaku only replies that Haru obviously wanted to know about this too after all. This caused a blush on Haru face but Chitaru and Kirigaya don't seem to feel bothered by Tokaku's question, they also don't seem to have understood that Tokaku referred to them as a couple since Chitaru explains calmly she only holds Hitsugi's hand to prevent her from getting lost in the school tall building. Hitsugi smiles happily, telling CHitaru her thanks for that. Chitaru explains that they both met at the train station about an hour ego where Hitsugi apparently lost the right direction and she simply offered her help towards Hitsugi.

After Chitaru's explaining words follows a flash back scene that shoves Kirigaya standing at the train station walking around randomly and seeming to have been lost in the place. Chitaru is seen observing the young looking girl, asking her where she wants to go and if she has struggles reading the departure schedules. She also figured out that Hitsugi got lost and offers her help, Hitsugi then tell she wants to go to the Myōjō Academy. Chitaru then explains that they both have the same destinatin and need to take the bus line number 6 to reach the academy. It is then shown that Chitaru asks Hitsugi about her being an elementary school student and if her parents were with her but Hitsugi denies this and tells about herself twards Chitaru. After the flach back scene Haru reacts with a happy expression, admiring Chitaru's kind attitude while Tokaku does only look away with a bored expression over her face. Hitsugi also adds that she gets lost often and isn't good at reading maps, calling Chitaru as being her saviour due to this. She also starts blushing now that she found that the two will also visit the same school, the same class plus sharing the same room with one another, hinting first romantic feels towards Chitaru. Haru finds this just cute, calling it a good fate to which Hitugi does agree.

The scene then switched into a lift which started at floor 34 and moves downwards. Isuke Inukai and Nio Hashiri are shown to be inside the lift and Nio points out that Isuke doesn't seem to be the type who'd up for teamwork, to which Isuke replies that Nio shall better watch her mouth before dropping such comments so directly. Isuke then looks at Nio's outfit, noticing that she's the only one in the Black Class who does wear the official school uniform of the Myōjō Academy, also asking if these clothes weren't too warm for Nio. Nio then takes a gaze at Isuke's outfit, asking if she's not feeling cold with her stomach being revealed. Isuke laughs about that question, answering that she doesn't freeze in her attire and states that she's well trained, Nio stating the same goes for herself too and emitted a laughter as well. From the lift they could see outside and Nio says that the sun is about to go down, Isuke comments this by calling such a moment such beautiful to watch.

Haru and Tokaku meanwhile have arrived in their own chamber with the number 1 on the door, and Haru feels happy to see how luxurious the room does look from the inside, calling it similar to a hotel room. She then also jumps onto the bed, laughing in joy while fooling around. Tokaku only sweat drops and telling that she does not care for Haru and her foolish behaviour at the moment. While Haru is playing like a little child on the bed her skirt gets lifted up a bit more than usual and showing off large scars going fully around her thighs. This sight catches Tokaku's interest but Haru reacts quite embarrassed as she realized her scars have been detected by Tokaku's eyes. She tries to distract, saying these would were old but large an there Tokaku interrupts Haru's weak excuses and asks if she'd be allowed to see Haru's scars again. She assumes these wounds were probably caused by a dull object and were forced on Haru's bod with brutal force but would still like to see them again to get a clearer image of them. Haru tries to tell that they do only look gross and disgusting but Tokaku wouldn't know why a mere scar would look disgusting and asks Haru to fully lift up her skirt. Haru reacts with a shock and refuses to do this, stating she just doesn't want to show her scars to anybody. Haru tries to calm down herself again but Tokaku still stared at her roommate's skirt, asking herself how manage it to get a glare of Haru's scar again. She only sees too options: giving up on that idea for now or forcing Haru to lift up her skirt. Tokaku then calms Haru by telling her that if she doesn't want to show her scars she won't get forced to do so and Haru beleives this but then Tokaku just lifts up Haru's skirt with a quick move of her right hand and reveals Haru's panties and her scars around each thigh. Haru pressed both her hands on her thighs afterwards, keeping her skirt pushed down and says that Tokaku is mean for tricking her like this to which Tokaku with a sarcastic "Oh. Do you think so?"

The next scene shown happens on the hallway in front of the room with the number 2, Isuke Inukai's and Haruki Sagae's chamber. Isuke and Nio are standing in the hallway, looking over to Haru's and Tokaku's room from where they've heard Haru's voice screaming aloud (after Tokaku had lifted up her skirt) and the two do think if Haru and Tokaku are doing any sexual íntended things behind closed doors. Nio tries to look trough the peephole from outside but of course wouldn't see much and Isuke already heads into her own room where she meets with her own roommate for the first time. But before she closed the door Isuke states that Nio is lucky for having a room on her own but Nio feels disappointed about it, calling it boring to be alone in a room just for herself. Haruki has arrived inside their room before Isuke and did already check out the room just in this moment Isuke steps inside stating that by the looks of it she's not the first to be in the room. Haruki smiles warmly at Isuke, calling herself as lucky and reveals her name to be "Haruki Sagae", also tells Isuke appeared in the right moment. She also referred to Isuke as "chica" during their first talk to which Isuke replies that she doesn't like to be called by any names, introduced herself as "Isuke Inukai" towards Haruki. Haruki chuckles and apologizes, asking Isuke if she'd have nail polish remover with her by any chance since she forgot hers. Isuke smiles too and tells Haruki that she's just annoying, very annoying to her, she goes so far to force Haraki to address to her as "Isuke-sama" only. Haruki however, doesn't feel bothered at all and just dares to look through Isuke's items, hoping to find some nail polish remover, telling that her nail polish started to crumble which does annoy her now. Isuke calls this to be bad luck for Haruki, explaining that she by herself only uses colored gel for her nails. Haruki jumps up, grabbing Isuke's right hand forcefully and takes a closer look at Isuke's nails, stating that she worries about her roommate's nails because she uses that gel for her nails which is said to damage nails over a longer time. Isuke doesn't care at all, trying to pull her own arm/hand out of Haruki's grip but failed to do so and simply says that she likes the color of her own nails after all and that only this counts to her. Haruki looks with a sly grin at Isuke, asking if her name "Isuke" isn't a strange one for a girl. Isuke get a little irritated about it, stating that she thinks her name is sounding cool.

Meanwhile it's later evening already, 21:13h, and Tokaku lays on the bed in her room, staring at her phone which does still displays the riddle she got from her teacher Kaiba. "The world is full of ___.", she thinks about this riddle and also thinks about that she's no news which she could report to Kaiba. While thinking Tokaku comes up with the thought that the answer could be: "The world is full of scars.", she tells herself this answer doesn't seem to be so bad and just types it into her phone to send out a text message to Kaiba. Right in this moment Haru enters the scene after she finished with taking a bath, thanking Tokaku that she was allowed to bath first, also calling her "Kurachoko" in this moment. Tokaku sets herself up on the bed as Haru came into the room, wondering why she just was addressed as "Kurachoko" by Haru. At the same time a picture is shown which proves that Tokaku had sent out her message to Kaiba who also received it and is now reading the message. While Kaiba looks at his phone Tokaku's narrating thoughts are thrown in into this scene telling about that her and Haru are sharing a room with one another and wonders if the answer to the first riddle would be truly "scars". Kaiba is then seen grinning as usual after he read Tokaku's answer and states that "scars" was not the correct answer, but it was at least a part of the right answer.