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Chapter 001 Target
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Author Yun Kouga
Illustrator Sunao Minakata
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Published by Newtype magazine
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Prologue Chapter 2

"Target" is the 1st Chapter of the manga series Akuma no Riddle and appears as the second listed chapter in the first manga volume.

The chapter starts with a flash back scene of Kaiba and Tokaku Azuma where Kaiba tells his student she'd supposed to report to him via mails as often as possible to keep Kaiba staying informed about the happening at Myōjō Academy and also about Tokaku's personal progress during her mission, telling this would be relevant for her school report. Tokaku only reacts with a bored expression to this, asking herself in thoughts why Kaiba did explicitly mention this to her. Right in this moment Kaiba says that he's prepared a question for Tokaku which he wrote on a white board standing in the office behind Kaiba's desk and she's supposed to give him the right answer to it. Then board with the riddle is shown more closely, it's reading "The world is full of ____.", Tokaku looks with a puzzled expression at that riddle and her first idea would be that "— full of curses" may be the right answer. Kaiba does tell Tokaku that this answer was utterly wrong and calls her scary for having such thoughts towards this riddle's answer. And since Tokaku did give a wrong answer to this riddle Kaiba installed a screen shot of this riddle on Tokaku's phone telling her it can't be deleted from her phone until Tokaku would send him the right answer. He further teases Tokaku by telling her to use her puny brain and think about what may be the correct answer, dismissing her by claiming her to be the idiot now.

The next scene starts with a message from Tokaku sent back to Kaiba, reporting about that he arrived at the Myōjō Academy. After that it's shown that Tokaku is in class while she sent out her message and is now looking at the screen shot with Kaiba's riddle question but she does only feel annoyed by seeing this and calls it a childish kind of punishment which Kaiba put on her. This moment gets interrupted by Mizorogi-sensei greeting the class' students with a wide smile on his lips and a friendly, joyful voice introducing himself as the Black Class' teacher and revealing his name to be "Ataru Mizorogi". The students who are in class already, Tokaku Azuma, Haru Ichinose, Nio Harishi, Isuke Inukai, Mahiru Banba, look at their new teacher with happy faces, only Banba showing a rather shy expression upon their first meeting. Mizorogi-sensei continues to tell about his students to be members of the Black Class now and that they'll live in the academy's student's home together. He also cheers that he wants everybody in class to feel welcome and that they'll have a good time during this school year.

After that first introduction of their new teacher a narrator part of Tokaku is thrown in, telling about that the Black Class consists of 13 students in total and that still none of them is supposed to know who of them is the targeted person. Tokaku continues to sum up that at this moment there're five students in class, excluding herself there'd be four others and telling herself to stay calm and wait until all 13 students have made their appearance. While checking out the other four students Tokaku happens to be attracted by Haru and her warming smiling, questioning if she, the 13th student on the class list, may be the target. What makes Tokaku wonder the most is that from all 13 students only Haru's was not listed alphabetically instead her name was put as the 13th one on the lower end of the list which does just seem suspicious to her. Mizorogi-sensei then continues to speak about himself, revealing he'd been a teacher for three years already and that this year's Black Class is his first class to take care about. He adds that he'll try his best and is always there if anybody has a problem, telling that his students may look up to him as their 'big brother'. Isuke reacts with a playful, mocking laughter to their teacher's words, calling his words as being amusing to her and stated that she can't stand men like him.

Isuke then stands up from her seat and introduces herself as 2nd on the class list of the Black Class, Isuke Inukai, pointing out explicitly that her name is pronounced with three 'i' and continued that Mizorogi-sensei would be way too young, only men who are at least 40 would be cool in Isuke's opinion. Nio jumps in and telling Isuke that she's just quite rude and mean, countering Isuke's words by saying that men aged 40 or older are way too old. While Nio teases Isuke, Haru is rather confused about Isuke given name as being "Isuke" which is actually boy's name while she's a girl. Isuke counters back to Nio by stating that men aged 40 aren't old at all and telling Nio to shut up, else she'd be quite prone to just kill off Nio without remorse. Nio stays cool, smirking as she usually does in this moment and tells Isuke to calm down for now, introducing herself as 10th on the class list, Nio Hashiri. Mizorogi-sensei then tells them two to stop arguing and asked who wishes to introduce themselves next to the rest of the class. Meanwhile Haru realized that all her class mates are only girls too and she also replies to Mizorogi-sensei's question, introducing herself as 13th on the class list, Haru Ichinose and tells that she'd be glad if she should makes friends with everybody.

As Haru introduced herself Tokaku was keeping her eyes on Haru and decided to introduce herself next as 1st on the class list, Tokaku Azuma. Also revealing that she's from Private Academy 17 and her given name means "Something that shouldn't exist at all", claiming she's being asked often about it so that she'd now have cleared this up from the start. Isuke and Nio stare at Tokaku with a narrow gaze each in this moment. While introducing herself Tokaku seems to be in trance a bit as she suddenly calls out Haru Ichinose's full name out of the context. Haru reacts quite surprised and nervous, to Tokaku's call. She stands up from her chair and turns to look at Tokaku but Tokaku then only tells her to sit down again. Then Mizorogi-sensei goes through the class list and points out that there's still a fifth student in class already, the 12th student on the class list. After that Mahiru is seen looking down to her desk, hands resting on her lap and she mumbles that she'll do a certain thing this evening. Mizorogi-sensei reacts with a very, very confused look to Mahiru's words which she counters by stating that she meant she's doing all the studying things this evening and tells him she doesn't like it when she is asked to repeat her words for a second time.

This scene gets interrupted by Haru calling out for everybody's attention and telling that she's prepared a little present for each of her classmates, a self-made key tag for each of her classmates and that'd be happy if everybody would except her kind gesture. Nio does appreciate this kind attitude and gladly takes her key tag, Isuke however, only laughs again in a mocking manner and refused Haru's key tag by calling it trashy and uncool. Tokaku does observe this scene with a dull expression of her own. Isuke then turns to Nio, telling her that this key tag is just trash and she doesn't even know what to do with it. Nio only replies that when Haru can create such things on her own she must have skilled fingers and much patience, pointing out that she may posses a strong personality despite her first naive impression. Meanwhwile Haru does approach Tokaku to hand her over one of her self-made key tags too and placed it on Tokaku's desk. She only looks down on Haru's gift, saying in thoughts that she had no use for it and will only end up throwing it into the trash later on. They get interrupted by Nio who exclaims to like Haru's key tag and asks if she would be allowed to call Haru by her first name, offering that she's also allowed to address Nio by her first name which Haru accepts of course, reacting quite excited about Nio's kindness.

As the introducing part wad done Mizorogi-sensei tells the class that their first lesson would be over and that they further information about their school and schedule in the next lesson, also telling that'll get to know in which chamber each student is supposed to stay. After class was finished Mizorogi-sensei speaks to himself and calling this a good start since all his classmates seem to get along well, from his naive point of view.

After that the scene goes over to a hallway of the academy where Nio runs after Tokaku, calling her 'big sister' and telling Tokaku to wait for her. Tokaku does turn around and seems to be just annoyed, dismissing the name calling as 'big sister' instantly. Nio replies that Tokaku shall keep her cool and that it isn't her intention to have Tokaku as an enemy, instead offering her a cooperation between the too also offering that Tokaku would be the superior part and Nio her servant if they's team up. Tokaku keeps her usual blank face and asks if Nio already knows who the target it for making such an offering, the blonde only replies that she doesn't know of it too, yet. But she claims that she'd surely Tokaku is surely not the target, claiming that Tokaku stinks like rotten blood just like Nio does by herself. Tokaku answers to this that Haru Ichinose most likely would be the target since she#s the only one in the Black Class who does smell different. However, Nio makes it look like she wouldn't be too sure about it, saying it may be too risky to claim Haru as the target only because of her scent, adding that the key tags Haru gave to everybody may be a trick device to spy on everybody through hidden gadgets inside the key tag and throwing her key tag out of a window next to her. Tokaku stays silent and reached out with her left hand to catch Nio's key tag, asking why Nio did attempt to throw it away and claims that it surely isn't any such spying gadget, it would be just a simple key tag. She then says Nio did throw it away but Tokaku caught it so now it would her hers then according to this logic. In this moment Tokaku asked in thoughts what she just did there and why. She by herself wanted to toss away Haru's key tag too but now didn't allow Nio to throw away hers, wondering what's wrong with herself.

Right there Isuke enters the scene and seemed to have observed what just happened, offering Tokaku to take her key tag too if she likes Haru's present to much and just throws it at Tokaku. The other catches the key tag but complains that she isn't therefor to serve as a waste basket by Isuke. Isuke counters this with a cocky grin and claims that she and Nio only wanted to give Tokaku a little gift too, just like Haru did. Tokaku stars with a cold stare at Isuke and Nio which Nio comments with a quite fearsome stare like only a true killer's eyes could emit. Tokaku replied that Nio and Isuke would be not better, Isuke stating that she never claimed the opposite anyways and added that she'll be the one fulfilling the mission successfully, also thinks that Haru is the target. Nio only snickers and shrugs, saying that it is still not cleared up if Haru will be the target and that no assumptions should be made too early, also dropping the thought that number 12 could also be the target due to her weird acting.

Meanwhile Haru and Mahiru stayed in their classroom, Haru is about to give Mahiru a key tag too. Mahriu does stare at it with a gentle smile and telling Haru her thanks for the gift with a nervous, shy voice. Haru is happy to hear that and Mahiru continues that she's collecting such items. Then Haru asks if Mahiru would collect such tags, she denies and claims that she collects relics and seeing Haru's present as a relics too. Mahiru then turns her head to the side, smiling gently and blushing a bit as she revealing her name, Mahiru Banba, towards Haru.

The next classes have begun, Mizorogi-sensei tells the class about their chambers and who is staying in which chamber with who. He explains that their rooms are located in building C of the academy, in the Kinsei student's home and all their personal things have already being delivered to each room according to the schedule. Mizorogi-sensei also tells that there'll be two students sleeping in each room and hopes that everybody will get along well with their roommate. A plan with the room is then shown, revealing who's paired with who:

  1. Azuma/Ichinose
  2. Inukai/Sagae
  3. Kaminaga/Shutō
  4. Kirigaya/Namatame
  5. Kenmochi/Takechi
  6. Hanabusa/Banba
  7. Hashiri

Mizorohi-sensei suggests that they should decide about who'd take over organization duties when everybody has arrived and decides that so far the 1st of the class list, Tokaku shall take over these duties temporary. Tokaku first reacts surprised about this but doesn't refuse in this moment. After that's cleared Mizorogi-sensei delcars classes as being over for to today. Before everybody leaves the classroom he still tells that dinner is available from 18h to 21h and gets served in the school's cafeteria on the first floor level of the building, the bath would be open until 22h and further rules could be wound on notes hanging in each of their student's chambers.

As Tokaku was about to leave the classroom she'd being approached by a happy Haru who wants to join her for the evening since both are roommates now. Haru is quite happy and tells Tokaku that this is her first stay at a boarding school which makes her happy but also a bit nervous and unsure about certain things. Tokaku replies that she's used to such stays, this is feeling common to her. And right in this moment Nio stumbles into the scene, greeting Haru and Tokaku with a friendly manner and telling Tokaku that she must be quite lucky to share her room with Haru. But Tokaku gives her a harsh "no" as reply, referring to that she doesn't like to me called by her first name and declares that she'd only want to be called "Azuma-san", telling explicitly that Nio shall address her by her last name plus the suffix "-san", just like it is common to do in Japan. She claims not to have any interest in becoming friends with anybody at this school and makes this obviously by only allowing others to refer to her as "Azuma-san". In this moments Tokaku reflects about Nio, asking what she actually be since Nio's scent would smell quite much like corruption just like she does too, and everybody else in class. Nio then is seen with a cocky, threatening looking grin for the first time, telling Tokaku not to be so stuck up about it since they're all classmates after all. In this moment Tokaku does also grin for the first time and tells Nio to shut up in a confident fashion. As the two were discussing this matter Haru jumped in between and suggested to call her "Tokaku-san" instead as a kind of compromise. Nio and Tokaku react a little perplexed about that Haru seriously thought deeper about this matter of name callings.

The scene gets interrupted by Isuke once again, chuckling in a playful, mocking manner as usual and asks Tokaku why she does even care about how others refer to her, calling her attitude as being uncool however, despite that statement Isuke still refers to the bluenette as "Azuma-san". For then unknown means Isuke only came into the scene to snatch away Nio, dragging her out of the scene with quickness. All what Nio could say was that she envies Tokaku who happened to be roommates with Haru calling this the perfect chance for Tokaku. Haru and Tokaku watch Isuke dragged Nio out of the scene, while Tokaku keeps a dull face on, Haru smiles but also looks confused about what Nio meant with 'perfect chance'.

Tokaku and Haru are alone then and Tokaku dares to sniff on Haru, wanting to tell her she's smelling good but gets interrupted halfway by Haru so that Tokaku could only say "You smell—" and Haru reacts nervous, now thinking that she stinks according to Tokaku interrupted comment. Tokaku stays calm and asked herself what this scent may be, she also calms Haru by stating that she didn't want to say Haru smells bad or something like that however, instead she says that it would smell like dust and make her feel like sneezing. Haru is panicking after this and apologizes towards Tokaku that she seems to have a bad/weird scent but this now only confused Tokaku, she didn't expect such a reaction to follow up. In this moment another person steps into the scene with Haru and Tokaku, asking if they'd know what kind of scent this is, telling off that this scent smells like as if the sun would shine. Haru and Tokaku turn their heads towards the suddenly appeared person and Tokaku states in thought that she now understood about something.

That person continues with her words by telling that the sun's already vanished for today and night has begun so that her time now would begin. Tokaku then turns her attention back to Haru, thinking about that certain smell again, that smell of the sun. But Tokaku's thoughtful moment gets interrupted the person who claimed it would be her time to appear now at night, introducing herself as "Shin'ya Banba", stating that the girl they met earlier in class during the daytime was "Marhiru". She claims to be excited to meet with Haru and Tokaku but Tokaku does reply that she's not happy at all to see Shin'ya has appeared.

The chapter ends with them two being confronted with Shin'ya Banba, a second personality of Mahiru Banba and a thought of Tokaku who does talk to herself if it'd be enough to write only one message per night to Kaiba about recent happening events.