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Hikarishiroi Hikarishiroi 29 May 2021


I like AnR. That's why I iz here. Oki I goez now cos' me brain be meltin' out me noggerz

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Tier Harribel-san Tier Harribel-san 24 April 2017

Favorite AnR character

Short and simple.

What's your favorite character fro Akuma no Riddle?

I have a hard tie choosing one. Yet I'd say definitely Isuke but also Haruki... guess I'll just see both as my favorites xD

What about you?

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Hongqilim Hongqilim 25 September 2015

English Dub Cast Reveal

Hello everyone, in case people don't know, North American anime distributor FUNimation Entertainment began announcing the English dub cast of the Riddle Story of Devil (Akuma no Riddle) anime on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The English dub cast includes:

  1. Morgan Berry as Tokaku Azuma
  2. Alexis Tipton as Haru Ichinose
  3. Anastasia Munoz as Shiena Kenmochi
  4. Colleen Clinkenbeard as Otoya Takechi
  5. Carli Mosier as Haruki Sagae
  6. Jamie Marchi as Isuke Inukai
  7. Clarine Harp as Kouko Kaminaga
  8. Michelle Rojas as Suzu Shutou

Funimation also revealed the rest of the English dub cast on Thursday. Funimation will release the series on DVD on December 8 and announced that Caitlin Glass will serve as director. The cast includes:

  1. Monica Rial as Chitaru Namatame
  2. Natalie Hoover as Hitsugi…

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Kenji9 Kenji9 8 February 2015


I am from Belgium just to share that I've watched and honored AKuma no Riddle ))

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Sokaspb Sokaspb 8 February 2015

Akuma no Riddle Anime

I am thinking what in continue this movie will get famous by releasing more series probably yes for me but that doesn't matter.

The anime is finished yes/no/maybe I'll wait 'till an new episode rise, special episodes or extra and etc some people want more episodes but it's hard I think to make more ep's in Anime.

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Ericau7 Ericau7 24 June 2014

Will it be Season 2 Akuma no riddle

  • I says this because of the the ending episode 12 when the the teacher look at his phone.
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Suzumoto mayu Suzumoto mayu 4 June 2014


hello everyone! my name is hannah and as of 6.4.14, i am a member of this wiki! i look forward to working with other members on this wiki as long as i can! uwu

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