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The Azuma Clan (東一族; Azuma-ichizoku; lit. "Clan of the East) is a prominent family of assassins. They are one of two assassination clans that existed in the country since ancient times, the other being the Kuzunoha. The Kuzunoha are the main branch and the Azuma is a branch family. However, interactions between these two clans have almost died out.

Their location is supposedly within Nagano prefecture, where Tokaku was born. The village was simply known as "Azuma Village[1]." They specialized in combat and assassination techniques, contrasting with the Kuzunoha, who allegedly used black magic and shamanic arts.

Before Tokaku was born, her grandmother was the head and matriarch of the clan and had twin daughters: Sorami (the oldest) and Mako (the youngest). Due to Mako's inability as an assassin, Sorami was tasked to become the successor to the legacy of the Azuma Clan. However, due to Tokaku's birth, Sorami was physically weakened and Tokaku was declared successor.

Mako was in turn driven out of the village, being forbidden to even speak with Sorami save for secret occasions. She attended school in an unnamed town, outside the village. After Tokaku's birth, Sorami confided in Mako that she didn't wish for Tokaku to grow up as an assassin in the Azuma house. Attempting to fulfill her sister's wish, Mako sought to dissuade Tokaku from life in the village and ultimately ended up trying to lead her out. However, she was thwarted and killed by her own mother.

According to Tokaku, she has no other relatives that she knows of after her grandmother died. That makes Tokaku feasibly the sole surviving member of the Azuma Clan in the entire series.

Notable members of the Azuma-clan[]

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