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Ataru Mizorogi (溝呂木 辺; Mizorogi Ataru) or most commonly referred to as Mizorogi-sensei (溝呂木先生; Mizorohi-sensei; lit. Professor Mizorogi) by his students is an additional character in the manga and anime series Akuma no Riddle. He was the home room teacher of the 10th year's Black Class at Myojo Academy, who had no idea about the assassination competition that is taking place, or that the students are even assassins in the first place.

Whenever a student is expelled after failing to kill Haru Ichinose, he is told that the student has transferred out due to unknown circumstances.


He is a very friendly teacher that always wants his students to think of him as a big brother. He even gets depressed when more and more of the class begins transferring out due to losing the game. However, he attempts to seems to keep his quite positive and motivated attitude after all and wants to try his best to teach the remaining students as good as he can. He is quite proud of his job as a teacher and loves to teach his students.


He is a young man who is usually dressed up in blue jeans and a white shirt. His hair and eyes are black.

While at the beach, he wears a Hawaiian patterned shirt that exposes his chest.

Skills and Abilities

Mizorogi is referred to as a civilian, having no involvement in the darker affairs of the class nor the world of assassins. He shows a considerable and avid knowledge in biology. Despite efforts to keep him in the dark, he does pick up on the clues that the class is no ordinary one. However, he is powerless to change anything about it.


He has been teaching biology for three years. At some point in the past, he was acquainted with Kaiba and was even his underclassman. In Koakuma no Riddle, it is shown he may have attended Myoujou Academy as a student.


  • The name Ataru written as "辺" means "place".
  • Mizorogi (溝呂木) means "disagreement" (溝), "spine" (呂) and "tree" (木).
  • He is 180cm tall, the same height as Kaiba.