Akuma no Riddle manga volume 3
AnR manga vol. 3
Vital statistics
Author Yun Kouga
Illustrator Sunao Minakata
Published on December 10, 2014 (jp)

April 5, 2016 (eng)

Published by Kadokawa Shoten (jp)

Seven Seas Entertainment (eng)

Publication order
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Akuma no Riddle manga volume 2 Akuma no Riddle manga volume 4

Manga volume 3 is the third manga volume of the mystery manga series Akuma no Riddle.

Cover motive Edit

The third manga volume features two of the story's secondary main characters, Chitaru Namatame and Hitsugi Kirigaya while Chitaru standing behind the Hitsugi with her arms wrapped around the latter's shoulders/upper torso from behind on it.

Content Edit

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