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Akuma no Riddle Original Soundtrack is a pair of soundtrack CD's containing the background music of the Akuma no Riddle anime series, composed by Yoshiaki Fujisawa. Both CD's are enclosed with Volumes 3 and 4 of the DVD and Blu-Ray releases of Akuma no Riddle anime series, published by Pony Canyon.

Track listings[]

Volume 1[]

  1. The Devil's Prologue (悪魔の序曲?)
  2. Endless Fight (終わりなき戦い?)
  3. Melody of Destiny (運命の旋律?)
  4. The One To Be Protected (護るべき者?)
  5. Only One Guidepost (ひとつだけの道導?)
  6. Invitation to the Night (夜への誘い?)
  7. Minds Going Through One Another (通じ合う心?)
  8. A Moment of Relief (束の間の休息?)
  9. Keyboard Tune ~Light~ (鍵盤の調べ~光~?)
  10. Keyboard Tune ~Shadow~ (鍵盤の調べ~影~?)
  11. Keyboard Tune ~Darkness~ (鍵盤の調べ~闇~?)
  12. Sealed Memory (封印されし記憶?)
  13. Preview Dice (予告賽子?)
  14. Half-Time (ハーフタイム?)
  15. Scent Under the Sun (ひなたの匂い?)
  16. The Warmth That Awaits You (君の持つあたたかさ?)
  17. Memories With the Family (家族との思い出?)
  18. Time for Just the Two of Us (二人だけの時間?)
  19. Sadness Reflected In Her Eyes (瞳に映る悲哀?)
  20. Assassination Classroom (暗殺教室?)
  21. The Black Class' Rules (黒組ルール?)
  22. Inevitable Surveillance (監視不可避?)
  23. The Most influential (最高権力者?)
  24. Tense Daily Life (緊張の日常?)

Volume 2[]


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