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Akuma no Riddle AK
Kanji 悪魔のリドル AK
Romaji Akuma no Ridoru AK
Genres Gacha Game
Manga Release N/A
Anime Release N/A
Other Release November 30th, 2012

Akuma no Riddle AK (悪魔のリドルAK) was a Japanese gacha mobile game that ran from November 30th, 2012 to November 9th, 2015[1]. It was hosted by Mobage, GREE, and mixi.

It introduced exclusive new characters with a game-specific story line, and also featured most of the original cast of Akuma no Riddle characters.


The player is a new female student in another Myojo Academy 10th Year Black Class. She is the target of the assassins within the class, much like Haru Ichinose in the original story. The player must cooperate with a self-selected group of assassins in order to survive[1].