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Akuma no Riddle
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Kanji 悪魔のリドル
Romaji Akuma no Ridoru
Genres Mystery, Action, School, Yuri
Manga Release September 10, 2012
Anime Release April 3, 2014
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Akuma no Riddle (悪魔のリドル, Akuma no Ridoru, lit. Devil's Riddle), also known as Riddle Story of Devil in North America and Australia is a manga series originally written by Yun Kōga, with illustrations by Sunao Minakata. The story revolves around an assassin named Tokaku Azuma who transfers to Myōjō Academy, a private girls' boarding school. She doesn't transfer alone. There are in-fact, 12 other assassins with her, each one with a single mission...the assassination of Haru Ichinose. The manga was published between September 2012 to December 2016.

An anime adaption, produced by Diomedéa, aired on MBS between April 3, 2014 to June 19, 2014. It is distributed by Crunchyroll LLC (also known as Funimation Productions) for home video and streaming release in North America and Australia.


The manga series is written by Yun Kōga, with illustrations by Sunao Minakata. It started serialized in the September 2012 issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype magazine. As of May 28, 2014,  20 chapters have been released. For a complete list of chapters, see "[[::Category:Chapters| List of Chapters]]". The first tankōbon volume was released July 9, 2013.

KADOKAWA Official eBook Story[]

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